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The Professors Formula - Escape Room

Professor Sigurd Martingsen has invented a formula for unlimited energy, something the evil oil syndicate, OilStat fears, as such a formula will make the oil prices plumet.
The syndicate wants to get their hands on the formula and use it for its own gain and hide it from the world, while the professor intends to share it with the world.
Before he had a chance to do so, the professor wanished.
But the formula is protected inside the professors home with a self destruct-sequence; When the front door is opened a countdown from 60 minuts starts. When it reaches 0 the formula is destroyed.
You are summoned to retrieve the formula and share it with the world - are you up for the task?

The challenge is for minimum 2 and maximum 5 persons from the age of 12.
Prices per person:
2 persons: kr 300,- per person
3 persons: kr 280,- per person
4 persons: kr 265,- per person
5 persons: kr 250,- per person

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