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Whellchair accessibility

Are you an action-hero on wheels? Then you are most welcome to our facility! We have tried our best to make our facility wheelchair-safe; there is an elevator from the ground floor, inside the foyer of Fram Kino, that goes straight up to our entrance. All height differences have ramps, and we have a wheelchair-friendly toilet.

Tips for Lasertag
Our Lasertag guns have a yellow button on the front in addition to the trigger, which means both hands normally is required to operate it. If you want, we can disable the yellow button, so the gun will work with only one hand, and you can use the other to steer your wheelchair, if able. We do reccomend that you get a side-kick to push you around in the arena, so you can focus on the game. The side-kick will of course enter free of charge.
There are a few ramps in the arena, and only one smal step where a wheelchair will not be able to pass, as it was not room enough to make a ramp there, and will have to go around to get between those areas. This is a small and unimportant part of the arena.

Tips for Escaperoom
We try to make all entrances wide enough for wheelchairs, so movement should not be a problem. However, you should have at least one person in the group capable of reaching high and low places.

Tips for Virtual Reality
Quite a few of our games can be played just as well sitting as standing. Ask our staff about which games will work best, and they will help you.
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