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Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality

Step in to another reality!

Virtual Reality offers an experience of a different world!
You put on the glasses and controllers, and move in to a different reality, where you can do (almost) anything with no risk.
Take off to mars, go to a post-apocalyptic world and fight zombies, be a pirate, sheriff or try to escape a closed bunker!
The possibilities are endless!
We use wireless / untethered VR headsets.

NEW! FreeRoam for up to 3 players!
In our new FreeRoam VR-room up to 3 players can play together in the same room. Here we have 2 games avaliable:

Robot Onslaught
In the 22nd Century, globe-spanning megacorporations live and die by their data. A rival megacorp has launched an invasion of your corporate HQ, sending in waves of attack bots to steal your Datagem and all of the crucial information it contains.
Objective: On the rooftop, protect the Datagem from the onslaught as you await emergency extraction. Grab powerups and place force shields around the roof to gain an edge against the robots. See how many waves your team can get through, and compete to get the highest score!
Survive the night
Objective: Defend your campsite from the zombie horde! Grab your weapon of choice from the equipment you've scavenged, and make sure to watch your friend's back with a flashlight once the darkness closes in. Can you survive the night?
Your small band of survivors has been on the road for weeks, seeking a place of safety from the infected dead. But as the sun begins to set, you hear the telltale sounds of shuffling feet and gurgling moans. You're not safe yet.
VR Booths / Holodecks
The play-area is 3X3 meters, where one player can move freely, and the sensors will keep track of your every move, and project it perfectly in the games, which makes the experience feel truly real.
Both of our 2 holodecks has 50 different games which you can choose from and switch between at any time.
There is a screen on the outside of the deck, to show others what you see in the game.

Age limit for VR is from ages 10 years and up. Kids under 12 must have adult supervision.

30 minutes - 200,-
60 minutes - 350,-
Games we reccomend. We get new games all the time.

Arizona Sunshine - Surivive the Zombie Apocalypse, either alone or with a friend!
Merry Snowballs - Have a snowball-fight with the kids next door.

Sariento VR - Awsome cyber-ninja-fighting game, where you jump off walls, fight in bullet time and can change weapons whenever you like. For experienced players.

Beat Saber - Fun game, very easy to learn, harder to master. You have a red and a blue laser sword, and the goal is to hit the corresponding colored boxes the right way, in time with the music. The harder and more on beat you hit, the more points you get!

We have a lot more games, but as we keep getting new games on a weekly bases, we currently are unable to keep this page updated.
Check with the people at the counter which games we reccomend for your, or just try the games from the category you want. We have tested and selected the avaliable 50 games from a catalouge of 800 games avaliable to us, to ensure that we have the best and most entertaining games avaliable at any given time!
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