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Paintball (oudoors)

We rent out paintball markers, including mask, paintballs and air tanks.
We currently have 22 markers to rent out.
Unfortunately, we do not have an arena ourselves, and only rent out the equipment.
In Norway you are allowed to play wherever you want in the forrests etc, as long as you keep away from other people, don't pose a threat to wildlife or other people, and clean up after yourself.

Price included Marker, 500 balls, mask and full airtank: 350,- for 1 day
500 extra balls: 150,-
Filling station for refill (required if you want to use more balls): 150,- for one tank big enough for about 10 refills.

Normally, one air tank is enough for 500 balls, so if you plan on playing for a long time or shooting a lot, you should rent a filling station as well as buying extra balls.
You have to be at least 18 to rent from us, as you have to sign a contract and vaiver.
The balls we use are biologically degradeable, and pose no threat to animal or plant life. The next rainfall will clear all residue.

Storgata 8
8006 Bodø
Bodø Actionhall AS
Orgnr 916 181 280
Tlf 40215050
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