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Virtual Reality
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Lasertag is a fun game for 2 to 19 players.
You wear a west with light points and a laser gun, and you either team up against other teams or play free-for-all (solo).
There can be up to 6 teams with different colors.
The game is played in rounds of 15 minutes on our 300m2 arena with music, lighting effects and cool decor. The goal of the game is to tag the opposing players as much as possible, as to get points for your self and your team.
It is completely painless to play, as you shoot with laser guns. When you are hit, the west will vibrate (like your phone) and turn off for 6 seconds, untill you are back in the game againg. You have unlimited ammo and lives, so everyone plays the whole round.
We reccomend players from ages 7 and up, but we have had players as young as 5. Some like it, some thinks it's a little scary.
You can never be to old to play Lasertag, as you decide for your self how active you want to be.
Prices for Lasertag:
1 round - 125,- per person
2 rounds - 200,- per person
Extra rounds - 75,- per person.
Storgata 8
8006 Bodø
Bodø Actionhall AS
Orgnr 916 181 280
Tlf 40215050
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