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We have now opened our new Escaperoom - Mission: Very Difficult!

In addition, we have made a mini-version of an escaperoom, called Operation Blackout:
Bodøs version of "the joker", Jåsspeisen, has placed a signal spammer in downtown Bodø, which blocks out all wireless signals, so both mobile networks, wifi, radio and everything else is blocked out! But your team has managed to get hold of the signal spammers control unit! Can you figure out how to open and activate it in order to save Bodø?

Operation Blackout is for groups, and we have 4 control units, so if you are a big group, we can divide you up and you can see which team is the quickest to save Bodø!
We reccomend 2-5 persons per control unit. Price is kr 150,- per person, and you have 60 minutes to complete the mission.

Storgata 8
8006 Bodø
Bodø Actionhall AS
Orgnr 916 181 280
Tlf 40215050
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