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We have now have two new Escaperooms - Mission: Very Difficult! and Roses Soul!
Read more about the rooms by following the links in the names or the pictures below.

In addition, we have made a mini-version of an escaperoom, called Operation Blackout:
Bodøs version of "the joker", Jåsspeisen, has placed a signal spammer in downtown Bodø, which blocks out all wireless signals, so both mobile networks, wifi, radio and everything else is blocked out! But your team has managed to get hold of the signal spammers control unit! Can you figure out how to open and activate it in order to save Bodø?

Operation Blackout is for groups, and we have 4 control units, so if you are a big group, we can divide you up and you can see which team is the quickest to save Bodø!
We reccomend 2-5 persons per control unit. Price is kr 150,- per person, and you have 60 minutes to complete the mission.

F.A.Q. - Frequently Asled Questions:
Q: Are you locked in the rooms?
A: Many people associate escaperooms with being trapped and must escape, but for security reasons, you are never trapped with us. The door to the room itself is never locked, but the door from the corridor and on to the rest of the premises is locked with an electromagnet to prevent unauthorized persons from entering. There is a large and clearly visible emergency opener at the door that you can press in at any time to unlock the door if you need to exit, in addition to the magnet automatically releasing in case of fire alarm or power failure.

Q: Can one be more than the maximum number given for the room?
Oh no. We never allow more than the maximum number in the room. The rooms are designed with a maximum number, both in terms of number of tasks, but also because of the size of the room in terms of air, mobility and security.
Q: Can't we just bring one more person?
Oh no.
Q: Pliiis?
A: No, unfortunately. If you are more than the room maximum capacity, we recommend that you divide yourself into groups that either wait and do the room after each other, or book two different rooms at the same time.

Q: Is it scary?
A: Unless the room is designed around a scary theme, there is no reason for anything to be scary. We want people to have fun, not be unnecessarily intimidated. Those who want a scary experience can book rooms with scary themes.

Q: If players are under 16, does an adult have to join in?
A: Yes, an adult must be included. This is both to help with the most difficult tasks, but also to ensure that no equipment or room damage occurs.

Q: Can pregnant women attend?
A: Absolutely. There are no physically demanding tasks that everyone has to go through, most tasks require much more brain capacity than muscle. But for scary rooms with jump scares, they should consider if it is wise or not, as people react very different when scared.

Q: Can you participate if you are dependent on a wheelchair?
A: Yes, we try to design the rooms so that they can be used by as many people as possible. There may be some tasks that are difficult or impossible for someone in a wheelchair, so you should bring someone who does not need a wheelchair to perform them.

Q: Is it allowed to participate if you have been drinking alcohol?
Oh no. We never allow people who have been drinking alcohol. This is due to security both for the participants and for the contents of the rooms. You need a clear head to succeed, and alcohol certainly won't help you.

Q: Where do you get the rooms from?
A: We make them 100% ourselves to ensure the customers a unique experience they can't get anywhere else.

Q: Does it matter if we arrive late?
A: Oh yes. We often have bookings in succession, and if you are late we will have to deduct time from your hour so that the next group is not delayed. You need to show up 10-15 minutes before the start time, so you can go through the briefing and possibly go to the toilet before you are sent in for your assignment.

Q: How to book and pay?
A: Advance bookings are booked and paid for in our booking system. Upon drop-in, it is paid directly into the register. It is also possible to come to us to book and pay at the register.

Q: I want to book, but pay when we arrive. Is that okay?
A: No, unfortunately. Booking must be paid when booking. The reason for this is that unfortunately we have experienced that people do not show up to their booking, and then we lose a lot of money, since we had to say no to other customers who possibly wanted to book the time. It is only possible to pay at checkout upon drop-in, if it is available, or if you book and pay at our register for a future date.

Q: Do I need a PayPal account to pay?
A: No, there are no requirements. It should be possible to choose "pay by card" or alternatively use Stripe.
But setting up a PayPal account is free and can be deleted at any time.

Q: I have to cancel or book my booking. Will I be refunded?
A: According to the cancellation policy that you must accept when booking and paying online:
If you cancel Escaperoom less than 7 days before the scheduled time you will be refunded payment less a fee of NOK 200, -.
If canceled by Escaperoom less than 48 hours prior to the booked time, the payment is non-refundable.
If you cancel Escaperoom more than 7 days before the scheduled time you will be refunded the entire payment.
We have to have these reservations to keep Escaperoom running. You book a time, which is then blocked so that others can book it, and that some days we have to bring in extra personnel to receive groups that have booked Escaperoom. Thus, we receive both lost income and in some cases extra costs if a group does not show up.
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